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    JRB sleeves and hood

    Been eyeing these for a while… finally pulled the trigger. I’m saying this without actually using them on an outing but these sleeves rock! I was hesitant thinking they were slightly goofy looking but those fears were unfounded. I got the “long” size and they fit perfect and compliment my vest well. Now for the hood… yes it is a little goofy looking but has a ton of loft in it and feels fantastic against the skin. It has a velcro like strip that can be attached to a matting piece that you’d sew onto your collar but I won’t be doing that. It does have a snap in front so even if you don’t have the hood on over your head it stays on as if it’s attached to your coat. What’s great about both these pieces is that they are light, highly packable and since their down, can be used for any number of uses to stay warm weather in the hammock or on the trail.
    more quality gear from JRB.

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    I never got around to getting the sleeves. But the hood was a game changer for my use of TQs. I used to have a lot of issues with drafts developing around the shoulders. Plus, I was trying to use 20F TQs to replace 20F sleeping bags which were both draft free along their full length AND had equal thick insulation for my head as they did for my body and feet. Something was missing!

    But as soon as I got that JRB hood, I seemed to start sleeping just as warm as I used to in my sleeping bags of the same thickness. It was still easier to get a draft somewhere along the edge of the TQ, but I suppose experience taught me to sleep without causing that problem. But, most of my drafts were around the neck and maybe shoulders. But no more. Plus, it was hard to match that amount of head/neck loft with a cap or jacket hood. Anyway, for whatever reasons, I sleep much warmer in my TQs when I use that JRB down hood. It is the best 2 oz or so I can think of. Also, most warmth for the weight/bulk/dollar. A major winner. It can also prove useful when sitting around camp! Particularly with that JRB TQ in poncho mode! (need the sleeves!)

    Another good one is the SMR TQ with built in hood. It is totally equal to a zipped up mummy for being draft free around the shoulders/neck/head. And if not quite cold enough for the hood, I just slip it down and it stll prevents any warm air leak around the neck/shoulders, and makes for a nice little neck pillow. It is the best of all of them in that regard, IMO. But, I still prefer the JRB hood when it comes time for me to go on my side.

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    I got both the sleeves and the hood for Christmas a few years ago. The hood is really warm- I use it all the time! Ive never actually used the sleeves as sleeves. They make great down booties/sleeping socks!
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