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    We feel that it is in your best interest right now if users did not place anymore orders through the online web site www.underquilts.com. Several of our users have reported to us that they have orders that are overdue more than 3 months and have not received any replies when they have tried to contact the person through emails or through their web site. I have also tried to contact this person and have received no responses. We regret that we have to pass this information along but we are trying to look out for our users and their best interests.

    If the person running www.underquilts.com could contact us to let us know what is going on or please explain, we might consider removing this post if the reason was valid. Otherwise this post will remain up.

    The above warning concerns www.underquilts.com and does not concern www.undergroundquilts.com, also known as UGQ Outdoor Equipment. These are two separate vendors and have no working relationship what so ever.

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    In October 2006, some members from whiteblaze.net created HammockForums.net to be the go-to source for hammock information. HF has always taken pride in its helpfulness, friendliness, innovation, and overall positive attitude. To continue in this tradition, we’ve created the following rules for participation here.

    Hammock Forums is a family friendly site. This means that our topics, language and treatment of each other are what you'd want your kids to see. We're not a bunch of prudes...we just think that the internet has enough places where that behavior is tolerated, and this particular site shouldn't be one of them. This is a great community where the norm is to support others in their ideas and projects, and not assume offense where none is intended...and therefore not to flame, call names, or create friction in our threads. Respectful disagreement is ok; disrespectful comments are not.

    Please participate in accordance with these guidelines, and PM the mods with any questions.

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    Planning AT Month of July - Looking for advice

    Well, where on the AT is going to have some bearing on a more accurate answer. My stomping ground is Ga and NC so my advice is for that section, though

    dakotaross Today, 08:27 Go to last post

    NC>Falls Lake>May 2-4, 2014 - 2nd Annual Smoked Butt Hang

    I haven't seen Catavarie on here for a while. Anyone know if he's doing ok?

    Hotlips Today, 08:26 Go to last post

    Finger Lakes National Forest April 26 & 27

    I know just the area near Foster Pond you are talking about. I spent my birthday hang around there.

    We are going to be just south of south

    12trysomething Today, 08:23 Go to last post

    Planning AT Month of July - Looking for advice

    What section? At some elevations not so hot. Good thinking on going light. Get AWOL's AT Guide. PDF ver can be downloaded from his site for $8.

    robblandon Today, 08:15 Go to last post

    Yeti and Edge unboxed!

    Just a little updated review. I had set up and laid in the XLC + Yeti a few times since getting it at various temps, with as little clothing as possible

    loghangin Today, 08:09 Go to last post

    2014 Spring MAHHA April 25-27th Official Planning Thread

    Have fun good peoples. I shall live vicariously through the pictures, videos, and stories posted here.

    Lamboy Today, 08:08 Go to last post

    Mexican/Mayan Hammock?

    Perfect! just what i needed to know! thanks, Derick - Love all your tutorials on your website, really have given me the info to know what i need to

    wulimaster Today, 08:03 Go to last post

    2014 Spring MAHHA April 25-27th Official Planning Thread

    I am on my way. Should be on the trail around noon!!

    Demeter Today, 08:02 Go to last post
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