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    0F New River? from Jarbidge fan

    So we have been toasty with our Jarbidge 2/4 three season under quilts. We actually double them up (we own four) and regularly take the rig down to single digits.

    I am thinking about the New River full-length quilts in four season rated to 0F. My reasoning is getting the doubled three-quarter quilts just right can be a work in progress through the night. The larger New River looks like you hop in and go.

    Would welcome any feedback on New River 4 season's performance in sub 20F weather.

    Thank you!

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    Late reply but have been using my 0F 10oz apex new river quilt a lot more this winter. In calm, no wind, I've been toasty warm at 0F. I find I need to ensure a snug, not tight fit, against the hammock body. So I use stretch cordage to pull up the quilt to eliminate any gaps. At that temperature I can dial it in and have a smile on my face. Nice!

    AHE zero new river.jpg Susquehannock Trail Club web site - PA STS trail info

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