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    Video: Sierra Madre Research Inferno Quilt Set

    I got the chance to try out the Sierra Madre Research Inferno quilt set. I tried out the 30 degree set for several trip and other overnighters. I was able to comfortably take the set down into the mid and lower 20's on 2 of those trips. I stayed warm in this set! I really liked the suspension system of the UQ and the hood on the TQ. The weights are not bad either, 17.3 oz for the TQ and 19.3 oz for the UQ.

    Here is my video on the system:

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    Great review! Looks very interesting. I us a separate hood with my TQs. These rotate with me when I turn to my side, allowing me to keep the TQ tucked around my shoulders and the back opening down, without interfering with my hood. How does the hood on this system work for side sleeping? To me it appears there might be an advantage with the SM system for ease of avoiding drafts in the neck area, do you agree?

    I'm also thinking the UQ will be for gathered end hammocks only?

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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the great review!

    I'm interested to know if the UQ is asymmetric or symmetric.

    I noticed near the start of the video your hammock paired with the Inferno UQ are both asymmetrical. The hammock is described by Warbonnet as a "Reversible Asymmetric end-gathered design." The Inferno System UQ is described by Sierra Madre Research as "designed to work with an ultra aggressive diagonal lay (Ninox Flat Lay Hammock.)" The "FlatLay" "Comfort Wave Pattern" of the Ninox is also asymmetric.

    I currently own a symmetric hammock in which I lay diagonally, but in which I sometimes change orientation during the night. Do you believe the Inferno UQ would be compatible with a diagonal lay orientation in a symmetric hammock?

    Thanks again - your reply will be greatly appreciated!


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