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    How thick and from where?

    I did not read the all the replys, and maybe someone has already suggested this but you might consider a PLUQ,
    They work really well and are cheap to make, under 40.00....50.00 at the most

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    Army surplus. 24" wide, 3/8" thick and green.

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    So how do these sheets of foam compare to things like thermarest foam?

    Im assuming they are great because of their flexibility?

    Im tempted to order the 3/8"x72"x48" sheet and then trim it based on how it fits in my future hammy sack.

    I think it will work.

    any opinions??
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    Depends what it's a sheet of? But IIRC most closed cell phones have a fairly similar R value, which is rarely particularly high. BTW, if you're contemplating laminating layers of foam, the advice given earlier in the thread to use gorilla glue is absolutely terrible. The best methods to adhere closed cell foam are 3M spray glue (77 or 74), or preferably DAP Weldwood contact cement (liquid version not gel, and don't even think about the non-flammable low-fume stuff. And read the directions and play with it a bit, it's slightly counter intuitive, you let it dry for about 10-15 minutes THEN you put it together and it bonds instantly)

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