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    Using left-over hardware to fashion a hammock suspension

    I changed the hook up on my Ridgerunner to a nanobiner to hook up the suspension to the triangle and had two apex buckles left over. So, I decided to rig those up as an easily adjustable hammock suspension. Just to try it out, I used a marlin spike to hang the continuous loop on one end of the hammock and my "new" suspension on the other end. It consists of a continuous loop larks headed to a whoopie hook (or if using Amsteel, you much incorporate it into the loop) and the larks headed to the apex of the apex buckles (just like the webbing suspension that you can order with your blackbird). I then used 5/8 inch mule tape as the webbing. Since my sewing skills on mule tape leave a lot to be desired, I put a bowlin in one end to loop the other end through. I hope the video gives you an idea on how I did this suspension. The total weight using 1- 10' strap, 1- 8' s-trap, 4-apex buckles (you can email Brandon to see how much it would cost to have whatever you need shipped), 2 whoopie hooks, 2 continuous loops (whatever length you want. I used 7" because that is what I had), a few pieces of scrap foam for padding/slip control. In the stuff sack, set weighed 4 1/2 ounces.
    You can achieve a very close hang distance and adjust easily just like the warbonnet suspension or a descender-ring type suspension. This was my way of repurposing the apex buckles, but of course I did order 2 more for the other end. I have used this suspension 5 nights with 3 different hammocks. The first night was a wild, very high wind night that had my hammock swinging, bouncing and just plain rumbling. Suspension held very well. I do use a slippery half hitch at each end to be sure of no slippage.
    The video was filmed on location at Coopers Rock State Forest in WV by Happy Camper, starring my handy hands, featuring my homemade Ranger UL Hammock and Ranger suspension.

    I think I did this link properly. Please let me know if it does not work.
    Thanks Country Roads in WV
    Well, me thinks I need help in getting this to work. I really should do this more often so that I can remember how to do it.
    Decided to just post the YouTube link. I think that will work
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