I know this an old thread- but this is SO TRUE! When camping with a group I will usually place my hammock at the edge of the woods (they all tent camp still) in a way so that the long side o f my hammock is the direction of their tent doors. This allows me to change under or behind my tarp without a problem, but I will always announce that I am going to need privacy, etc. Practice changing bras & tops at home using the scoop method: lean forward, and remove your arms from your top BUT keep your head through the neck hole. If a regular bra is being utilized, simply unsap, remove, and wash, then apply new bra. Take new shirt and put your arms through the sleeves/arm holes, slip it up to your shoulders. Lean forwards and in one fell swoop push the old shirt up over the back of your head, and the new shirt up over your face. All anyone will see is your back (if using a lot of layers, then probably best to strip down to one layer & bra. The pants are the trickiest due to balance, and no swooping. I have seen people who will bring a long loose skirt/coverup and will put that on over their pants/shorts. Then remove shorts/pants & underwear together while keeping the skirt/nightgown on. Wash up. Apply new underwear & then your next layer of clothes- remove skirt/nightgown. Of note- if the nightgown were baggy enough, you could combine both techniques for the top & bottom clothes!