Hey hammock heads -

I'm currently writing a blog post on sleeping as a couple in a hammock. It's a topic we get asked about non-stop and I know it's been discussed heavily here in the forums as well. I'm personally able to sleep great as a couple in a TLG Double - most of it boils down to simply knowing how to hang the hammock properly and being with someone with a compatible sleep style. But, I've heard from a number of customers over the years who aren't even willing to give it a try, they're just convinced that there's no way they could get through the night sharing a hammock.

So what I'm looking for is some personal experience from those who have tried and slept successfully as a couple in a TLG Double. Just a short couple sentences or small paragraph about your experience would be awesome to include in the post and share with others. Just saying "It works for me! - Jimbo" won't come across as a very good testimonial so please include a few details about any tips or tricks you have for making it work, what position you typically both sleep in (or whether you shift around during the night), etc.

I know our sub-forum here can be somewhat quiet compared to the others, but hopefully there's enough of you out there listening that we can get some great stories for the blog post. Of course if you have any photos showing you and your significant other in the hammock that would be even better.

Looking forward to hearing from some of the TLG owners out there!