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    Berghaus Bergen [vulcan/crusader/atlas] to be shipped to UK

    Hi, i am after a new bag preferably one of the models listed in the title or similar. I am in the UK but i have until the third week of october so getting one delivered from overseas is not out of the question.

    Must be a size 4 and ideally have side pockets, if you have one or know of someone who may be willing to part with one it would be much appreciated if you could give me a shout!

    I am on the waiting list at endicott's for a used vulcan 2 but they said a size 4 may take a bit of time.

    Prices new are 109 for a vulcan 1, 149 for a vulcan 2 or 159 for a crusader mmps in the UK, with side pockets; so i am willing to pay a fair price relative to these prices and the packs condition.

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