With no trees close enough to hang a hammock in my backyard I looked to the many threads in here about this very subject. I decided to go with a 2" water pipe 10' long and a 3" x 2' long pvc sleeve for one end and a 1/2" U bolt mounted to my storage shed for the other end. I dug a post hole 16' away from my shed and 36" deep and filled with some old broken up sidewalk until I had just 2' to go. I then installed the 3" x 2' long piece of pvc pipe and mixed concrete and filled around the pvc and let it set up. I then slid my 2"x 10' piece of water pipe into the pvc sleeve and it's ready to go. With 8' above the ground it gives me plenty of height for my suspension.

I went this way because of the flexibility of removing the pole when I wasn't using it. I got this idea from another thread in here and it's a great option for those of us who have tree challenged backyards. I had my first backyard hang last night and it was a wonderful night in the hammock.

Thanks to all in here for the great ideas you share..