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    FLEX-180 or NX/TX-250

    I've been trying to decide between the two for a couple days now.
    I'm not a big guy, 160 lbs 5'8". Travel with a dog, 30lbs French Brittany spaniel which would also be sleeping in the hammock.
    I have never used a hammock before. I hike / camp northern Minnesota mostly spring and fall so its colder. I have been using a two person tent.
    On the Clark web site it says the Flex 180 is for experienced hammock users, not sure if this model would be more of pain for me setting it up, would the extra space be nice for the dog, the dog would most likely lay on me anyways since I will be warmer. If the flex-180 was hung from two trees would it basically be the same as the NX-250? as for comfort?
    The pockets on the NX-250 seem like they would be a nice feature. The TX-250 also looks nice with the ability to remove the weather shield from the head. Also the Z-Liner is one piece for the TX which I would think would be better.
    Any response to help me decide on one would be appreciated.

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    Looking at Clark’s web site, it would appear the Flex-180 is considered a 1-2 person hammock.
    “Option to bring a friend: It's nice to have a large, comfortable hammock bed for yourself, but what about times when a friend, a child, or a dog would like to come along? Will they be able to sleep comfortably with you inside the FLEX-180? In a conventional hammock bed, they would be clumped together with you, making sleeping difficult and uncomfortable. The second bed of the FLEX-180 is perfect for an occupant up to 170 lbs. (77 kg). The hammock flexes apart to hang from three supports, creating ample sleeping space for two occupants”.

    Maybe the reason it’s categorized for use by an “experienced hammock user” is the ability to be hung from 3 trees instead of the usual 2 along with the additional occupant.

    I just ordered the TX-250 myself as there’s a sale (25% off) through August 19.
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    I had the same problem, I wanted to choose between the Flex 180 and the NX 250.

    After searching, looking pictures and reading a lot of posts on HF I decided to go for the NX 250. It looked very clean when hanging and with the Flex I found that a lot of people had problems with hanging it straight or in the right way.

    But decide quick because sale is not that long anymore.

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    Same problem here, flex 180 with room for storing gear in hammock or nx 250.
    After reading reviews I went with nx 250. Now if it would get here so I can try it out!

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