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    New Warbonnet setup finally arrived ahead of expectations.

    Got my new BB 1.1 and MJ yesterday. Called to reschedule some work and strung it up in the basement and tested it out. All I can say is Wow...just wow. It fits like a glove. I'm stoked about the hammock.

    My wife laid in it and since we were in closed company she opened-up like she rarely does with a biased statement that went like this: "So this is what a real hammock feels like?" She makes do with most anything but this bird is different. I think she meant expensive, or custom, or anything but "real". It's not in her nature to speak in that pompous way.

    Anyways, I've usually slept very well indeed in my ENO DL and Moskitos but this new bird really rocks. I slept till 10AM this morning in the basement. A rare occurance to say the least. Find that I'm able to move freely in it without causing calf pressure or foot pressure that sometimes plagues my hangs

    I was surprised at the MJ panel-pulls however. They seem to be straps now instead of reinforced circular patches like all the pictures I've seen. I would like to know more about these..... can anyone offer some insight? Any issues out there? Do I have the first one ever and therefore it is a priceless collector item?
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