Last week I ran into an issue with the recommended setup for tarp flyz. I had 4 tarp flys on 6-8' zingit lines on each corner of my SuperFly. One side had the longer lines so I had the option of setting up in porch mode if I need.

With the summer weather, I had set my SuperFly up where all of the stakes were as far out as possible and set so there was maximum airflow through the tarp. This meant that the tarp flyz were about 2 ft from the end of the line. However, when a sudden downpour (2 inches of rain in a few hours) came through, I tried to put it into storm mode and it took me about 20 minutes to get all of the stakes moved, and the tarp flys moved up on the guy lines so I could stake the tarp down closer to the ground.

To make this easier next time, I've taken the tarp flyz off of the guy line, and taken the guy line off of the tarp. I've placed each tarp flyz onto 3" zingit loops larks headed to the tarp pullouts. The guy lines will now run from 2" loops at the stake to the tarp flys attached to the fly pull outs.

This achieves two nice effects. The most important is that I can adjust the guy line from 2" to 6' without having to ever adjust the tarp fly.

I can also easily remove the lines from the tarp for storing, or moving the tarp lines from one side to the other. I had set up the two longer lines on one side for porch mode, but when I setup the tarp, it was on a slope towards one end of my hammock, so I ended up moving the longer lines to one end.