I'm contemplating a MYOG apex 5.0 quilt for 3 season use, to save some money but still have a reliable lightweight sleep system. Here's the different options I've come up with and rough price estimates. Apex would come from Thru-hiker and all the thread, grosgrain, velcro, shock cord, and cordlocks from DIY gear supply.

From Thru-hiker:
M50 inner and outer = $65
M90 inner and outer = $60
Pertex Quantum inner and M50 outer = $78

From DIY gear supply
1.1 ripstop 2nds inner and outer = $16
1.1 ripstop 2nds outer and Impetus 1.0 inner = $37

I guess I understand that the higher dollar fabrics can be nicer next to the skin which would be nice when its really hot outside. Just wondering where the cost/benefit curve seems to be the best. This is going to be my first completely DIY quilt. I'm using an old synthetic converted mummy bag right now. If I go with the 1.1 2nds I can probably have enough money left over to make a 2.5 Apex quilt as well which is appealing. I've also had the thought of a single layer of 1.1 ripstop sewn to a single layer of 100 weight fleece for a summer bag when nighttime temps are above 75.

Also, in the interest of disclosure, I am a ground dweller 95% of the time, so this will be used in a silnylon single wall tent.