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    A few years ago, my son was in cub scouts and part of the summer camp we attended was for the boys to sleep in the woods in their sleeping bags. It was July in Alabama, so it was insanely hot and humid! A friend suggested that I take his hammock as it would be much cooler and more comfortable than my tent. I was hooked immediately! No more sore back/hips/shoulders! I slowly began to experiment with camping in hammocks. I froze my keister off the first night I camped in 50 degree lows! I only have fairly inexpensive equipment now because I'm buying rigs for five people. I'd much rather have cheap gear and have my family with me! Anyway, I'm so thrilled to be a part of the community! Thanks for adding me!

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    A few years ago I was a lot more active in the outdoors but was getting sick of sleeping on the ground. I was forever getting a sore back and could never get a good nights sleep.
    I saw that Hennesy was making inroads into the Australian market and decided to give it a go. I had a rather uncomfortable first night in the hammock which also coincided in life taking a somewhat unexpected turn and took me away from my beloved outdoors. fast forward about 5years and I got a second night in, but this time got my hands on a cheap synthetic UQ. I froze my but off yet again. I went back to tent camping because I figured that because I was only getting out for overnighters I could pt up with it. But last year my mind turned again to the hammock sitting in the ceiling space. I have since purchased the 4-season system for the HH and went on another overnighter. This time I was a little warmer (warm enough to get a good sleep) and have since bought the double Bubble pad to add to the arsenal and looking forward to more nights off the ground.
    I am now drooling over all manner of other hammocks and hammock related accessories!

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    Spent a couple decades in miserably humid, buggy Florida. Despite having such breathtakingly beautiful ecosystems, flora, and fauna... tent-camping always hurt my back, hips and shoulders. and was always way too hot. I even tried a bad hammock around 2011, and gave up camping.

    Eventually moved to California, and decided to buy a hammock on a whim for downtime at my day job. Upon the initial test after reading pointers, I nailed the hang, the flat diagonal lay, and fell asleep in minutes. I'm bummed I didn't try this 20+ years ago.

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