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    will this work using a 3mm round cord ?

    does anybody know if this will work with a 2.2mm or 3mm round cord ?
    I know the first knot will work .. but i am not sure about the last one.. where he "snaps/sets" the cord ?
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    If you are going to try that with any of the dyneema based cords (lash it, zing it, dynaglide, amsteel) then I would say probably not. The knots demonstrated rely on the friction of the 550 cord to hold the twists together. The dyneema cords all have coatings on them that make them slick.

    However, I believe everything is worth testing. So give it a try. FWIW. In the time he took to tie those knots, I could have had my continuous ridgeline up too. Mine is a DIY version of the offering. It has a knotbone at one end and uses a small figure 9 on a prussic at the other end to provide and easily adjustable trucker's hitch to get the line tight. Then my tarp is attached to the line with 2 other prussics to allow for adjustment.


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    I know it works great with paracord, but when I tried it with thicker diameter nylon rope, the results were variable--sometimes I could get it to work, but other times it all just jammed up. I don't know if it's because of a thinner diameter or because the paracord stretches more or if it's a little bit of both.

    When it works, I really like it this method. Otherwise, I would use the trucker's hitch--it doesn't take that much more time to tie.

    Oh, and for the first knot, a Siberian hitch is way easier to tie and untie (but we all have our own little favorites)
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