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    Too many fabric choices - overmitts - HELP

    I need some help from the DIY gurus here. Now that my Singer 15-88 is up and running, I seem to have caught the fever from this place. You all really should wash your hands more.

    Before I start the obligatory quilts, I really want to try my hand at some clothing. I want to start with some overmitts like MLD's eVENT rain mitts. I know for the price, I should just order them from MLD, but where is the fun in that? I also am looking into down mitts, booties and maybe a windshell. I enjoy messing around and making my own stuff - just because I can is a good enough reason for me. I can accept that it will never be as nice as they stuff I can buy.

    The Problem-- I found the patterns, but the number of fabric choices is boggling. I would love to use actual eVENT, but it doesn't seem to be available to the public. What else is available that has that degree of waterproofness, breathability and weight?

    I have found Goretex Paclite @ 3.3oz/yd(2layer), 2.5 oz w/p/b fabric (2.5 layer, no backing needed), some light weight 2.6 oz 2 layer w/p/b nylon, and several 4.8 oz w/p/b fabrics-ripstop and xalt, a 2.7 oz 2 layer nylon Gortex, and finally unweighed duratech, ultrex and hytrel. None of these seem like a good approximation, but I am going by look as I haven't held eVENT before.

    I know they would turn out OK with just a DWR ripstop (momentum), but I want to end up with something that performs closer to the MLD mitts.

    Any recommendations or thoughts on better fabrics for this projects?
    Also looking for a down bootie (soft sole) pattern if anybody has one.


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    Depends what you want to do. If it was me I would start with a half yard of coated nylon and a half not coated. Cheaper to play with. Make some over mitts with them and adjust your pattern after the first pair. If you use coated for both sides they don't dry well but take a while to get wet. If you use a waterproof palm side and maybe over the fingers and uncoated for the rest you get some mitts good for clearing the car or lot of other uses. My experience with Goretex is that it is hard to develop enough vapor pressure inside to push the moisture out. I expect eVent will be the same. I prefer quick to dry and spare pairs. YMMV.

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    There is NOT a fabric choice generally available that matches eVent that is similarly breathable and waterproof. Some of the newest fabrics are (e.g. Polartec Neo Shell) but they are not yet (to my knowledge) generally available.

    You can get some Gore-tex fabrics that won't be as breathable, but your research already has found that.
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