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    Bug Net and staking out the sides...

    So I just got my bugsock from Papa Smurf, and it rocks! I set everything up in the backyard today and tested it out.

    My setup so far:
    Nano7 with Whoopie Sling suspension with tree straps and an ASR and a PapaSmurf Bugsock.

    So this is only the 2nd time I have set this up, and the first time I had some thoughts about making it a better experience. The biggest thing I wanted to do was possibly sew on some tie outs on the hammock sides so I could stake it out. So now that I have the bugsock on, I don't know how I can make that happen.

    The bugsock falls down on me a little, even though it is sitting on the ridgeline. Its mostly around my face, on my sides that bother me. Been sitting here thinking about it, and I am not sure what the best way to go about getting the sides of the hammock and bug sock pulled out. The only thing I can really think of is to put tie outs on the hammock and use shock cord up and over the ridgeline with a cordlock to adjust tautness? This may affect the lay though, and I am not sure it would pull everything wide enough.

    Any other advise/ideas?

    Loving laying in the hammock compared to the ground! Can't wait to get out for a night - still need to decide on a tarp! gah.

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    I dont have a bug net; so keep that in mind and take this with a grain of salt.

    I thought about hanging a light plastic clothes hanger from the ridge line to spread the bug net out. You may need to add some extensions or wings to it to make it wide enuf.

    Just a thought. Enjoy your hammock.

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