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well, it looks FANTASTIC..... Nicely done.
Well thank you sir.

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Nicely done video! Do you think that much of this would easily apply to a TQ?
Thanks dragon, I would likely build a top quilt very nearly the same way.

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Great video! Thanks so much for posting. I'm about to tackle both an IX TQ and UQ, so it helps seeing it versus just reading it. I have a question though. For the UQ, are the pleats necessary? With a differential cut, we have gravity on our side to keep the layers separated, no? With a TQ, gravity is working against us, and the pleats help keep the layers from lying flat on one another, but the UQ should hang loosely, and if differentially cut, should have the proper spacing for maximum warmth. If I don't have to sew a dozen pleats, I'd rather not!
Thanks Stefprez, I hope you find it helpful. I went with the tucks even on the bottom b/c I figure, A.) it can't hurt, and B.) if my differential is not different enough and the layers start to compress, maybe the tucks will help keep an air gap.

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looks aweasome. another great addition of hinterlands gear. can t wait for the TQ video
Thanks Newton. TQ might be a while, too many projects going right now.

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That is a really nice looking set up. I like the idea that you brand all your DIY gear. good looking tags you use too.

Just a thought. - - What do you think about taking a biner or soft shackle and bringing the foot end suspension together over the top of the hammock? That might help with the gap at the foot end.
Thanks chickenwing, I'm enjoying the branding myself, didn't cost much to get the webbing made at strapworks and I think it looks cool.
I just snugged up the draw string a bit more and that took care of the gap.

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Looks very nice, Red!

You used the same pleat spacing and differential as we use in Molly Mac IX Gear. It works well!

Check your thread tension... I bet that's what is causing the shrinkage. It appears to be happening on your nylon as well.

- MacEntyre
Thanks Mac. I honestly had no idea that those were the dimensions in your gear. I feel better about it potential performance now.
I'll check that thread tension, I'm sure its a bit tight. Thanks.

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God job in more than one way.
Thanks Blaze, much appreciated.

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Great work, as usual Red!
I loved the Hg labels on your webbing - nice touch!
Thank you MAD777, I'm liking having a logo on my gear, it's one of those "warm fuzzy things"

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absolutely fantastic, very nice work!
Thanx thekalimist, I appreciate it.