Bridge Hammock Update

After a long time out, I made a change to the draft stoppers which makes them easier to use and more versatile.

Dropped the use of the shock cord under the hammock to hold the draft stopper belly band.

Instead I use a 2" long peice of 7/8" wide grosgrain and bar tacked a tie off bar on the grosgrain as per the instuction in my Bridge Hammock article. Made 2 - 1 for the head end and one for the foot end. I then sewed the grosgrain to the bottom of the hammock.

The bar tack/grosgrain is positioned so that the pack clip at the middle of the belly band can clip onto the tie off bar.

The grosgrain/tie off bars are under my head and feet and so the hammock fabric is not under much stress there and the stiches in the hammock material are okay.

The shock cord was more trouble and always in the way when putting the pads under the hammock. The tie off bars work better.

Also, I added the tie bars to the poncho liner and the bottom outer shell of all underquilts.

With the tie bars on the underquilts and poncho liners, the draft stoppers and belly bands now fully enclose the head and foot ends of the underquilts, fully integrating them into the hammock system. When installed with the draft stoppers, the underquilt is now an integral portion of the hammock.

The draft stoppers now fully protect the hammock ends, including underquilts, from winds and wind driven rain and snow.

Glad I decided to make the draft stoppers removable. By making them removable I was able to include the underquilts in their protection.