I'm sure someone has posted this in the past, but here is my take on a sliding utility pocket to store stuff in when hammocking.

Noseeum netting works great (any netting will do).

You will have to add some kind of ridgeline to your hammock. It does not have to be anything fancy - just twine will work.

I generally make the pockets wider than my hand (so I can easily reach in) and make the depth from my fingertips to my thumb joint. 2 pockets wide seems about right.

No need for fancy seams. You could even hand sew this.

Since I use a structural ridgeline, I prefer to use velcro tabs at the top for easy removal. If you don't have any velcro, just sew a tube at the top - but you will have to remove your ridgeline if you ever want to take it off.

By the way, this works inside most hammocks with attached bugnets, find the ridgeline loops or add some at each end.

Ideal first DIY project.


Happy Trails