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    Updated Speer suspension tonight

    I hate untying webbing. I bought a Speer hammock and WT on ebay and when it arrive this afternoon, I hung it. I knew quickly I didn't like the stock length of webbing and wanted to add whoopie slings.

    The Speer hammock has an integrated line that holds the bug netting up away from you and it attached on the suspension. I could have taken everything completely apart but instead decided to leave it in place. I cut the webbing about 8" above the line's attachment points and looped it back and sewed it leaving a loop on the end. I then made a few short whoopie slings and rand then through the loops. IF I need to hang closer to the tree, I have the option of putting a biner in the same loop as the whoopie as you can see in the picture.

    I then made two long 7' tree huggers from the left over webbing. I'm heading to Oregon in July and wanted to have some oversized straps due to the giant trees out there. All in all, a great 1 hour fix that gave me another working hammock for the trip. Now I just need two more...

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    I reckon that works! Good re-use of the webbing too!

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