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    Cannot Get Comfortable in ENO DN

    I have an ENO Doublenest hammock and am very interested in hammock backpacking; however, I can't seem to get comfortable with it setup in my backyard. My biggest complaints are my lower back hurts (only when laying in the hammock or afterwards) and I can't get my head far enough back. I have tried changing the distance and angle of the anchor points and laying at different angles in the hammock (all across the diagonal).

    I am only 5'5" and 130 lbs, could this hammock be too big?

    Has anyone else encountered these problem? I am really excited to try hammock camping if I can get past these issues.


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    have you tried adding a structural ridgeline? i added one to my double nest and it has made all the difference. don't remember for sure, but i think around 8 ft set the sag about perfect for me. hope this helps.

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    Not yet. I give that a try tomorrow. Thanks for the advice!

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    What is the distance between your trees? My guess would be you have too much sag. Also, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you're using slap straps, and they only let you adjust at predetermined points. This can be remedied by changing your straps to polypro straps, and either decender rings, cinch buckles, or whoopie slings. They can all be explained if you need them to be, but they allow for alot more adjustment than your current setup - if I'm right about the slap straps. For right now, try pitching your hammock tighter, almost straight, with a minimal sag, because once you get in the slap straps will stretch, and your angles will change. This is not typical of most other suspension systems. If you stick to hammocking, this swap will probably be among your first, if you don't change hammocks entirely. It's a shame because the rest of the hammock is not bad.
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    Actually, I have the hammock setup under a large A-frame wooden swing set and am using 1" webbing slings to attach the hammock, so no stretch. None of the trees in my backyard a big enough yet. I have tried about 6 different lengths for the support points and the tighter setups were better but I still had problems.

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    i think the ridgeline will help you out. i had kind of he same problem and i added a ridgeline this past weekend and for now it seems to have made all the differance in the world.

    i would try adding one with some 550 cord to see if it makes a differance. if you think it will then order the adjustable one from or one of the other vendors that sells them.

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    I have an ENO DN which was given as a gift and it got me hooked. It did take a bit to get it comfortable. Like Graffix mentioned, my DN came with slapstraps and after fiddling and much research, I swapped them out for whoopie slings/tree straps. They stretch way too much and arent micro adjustable for different spans. Speaking of spans, I found that you really need at least 12' if you go to whoopie slings. Check out for some great info and DIY supplies or made to order suspension. I suggest the DIY route as it is a fun learning experience.

    I also added a structural ridge line which makes getting the sag pretty fool proof. Measured from channel to channel , I found that 97"-98" was the right length for me. I am 5'10" 170 lbs. When I got it just right, I found that my feet kinda "fell" into a foot box on the side of the center ridge of the hammock. This was when I felt most flat on either my back or side.

    Lastly, don't give up on the ENO DN. I bought a GT UL for my son and IMO it is definitely not as comfortable as the DN. Good hammock for the price though.

    Good luck in Costa Rica! Like Shug said...there are some great eats.


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    Thanks for the advice. I have a bunch of 550 and 6mm cordelette that should work well to make a ridgeline. I will also try finding some real trees and seeing if that makes any difference.

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    Are you normally a stomach or side sleeper, by chance? I am, and I'm still getting used to the idea of being mostly on my back for a full night's rest. I started with the ENO 2X and it was perfect for nap time, but overnight proved challenging as I found myself trying to roll over in the middle of the night. I think other hammocks might make side/stomach sleeping a little easier to pull off (at least my BB seems to). My huge ENO will always be my go-to car camping/snuggle nest though.

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    I am a side sleeper, so maybe I just need to try sleeping on my back for a few nights and see how I do. Also, I tried using a structural ridgeline as suggested with success. The hammock was much more comfortable with this addition.

    Also, what have you tried for insulation with the ENO DN for cold nights? I couldn't get my thermarest to stay in one place so I am thinking I may need to go with a CCF pad or UQ.

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