I'm selling my Camo Jungle Hammock with Camo rain fly. I'd say it has a couple of dozen nights in it, maybe a few more, but that's it. I bought it last year and just hadn't used it much. The hammock is in excellent condition with no signs of wear I can see. I'm including the original straps which are pedestrian at best, but it also has the custom ones that I put on consisting of a cord from the hammock to 2 rappel rings on each side which have a good strap through them with a loop at the end for a much more flexible and speedier set up. This also allows you to attach to trees farther apart than the original straps. All you need is 2 carabiners at each loop end to connect the strap around the tree. Stuff sack for the hammock is included, but not one for the fly as it didn't come with one. I spent about an extra $25 for the DIY strap. I'm asking $125 shipped. Email with any questions. Thanks