My new SnugFit arrived today. I panicked when I heard they were discontinued, so I bid on the one that was in the silent auction at Hot Springs... and lost during the last seconds! Coy, whose bid was entered just as Ed stopped the auction, was kind enough to flip me for it, with Thing1 tossing the coin... and I lost again!

So, I bought one anyway, and I'm glad I did. It's a most unusual design. Everyone knows how the differential construction fits perfectly on a Speer Hammock, 12 ounces of down filled nylon attached via the velcro along the hammock edge, suspended from the tapered elastic mesh ends. The Speer method of whipping makes a lot of sense when you see that it helps keep the SnugFit from hanging down away from the middle of the hammock. Now when Thing1 takes my PeaPod, as she did at Mt Rogers, I can be warm and snug!

I'm thinking of making an Insultex outer shell for the Snugfit. Not a big priority, but I'll get one done before the first freeze next fall. I'll make it nice and loose, but fitted so it stays in place with minimal air gaps.

I suppose I'm still short one Top Blanket... Thing1 took that with the PeaPod!

- MacEntyre