I have a vertex, we like it a lot. Not always possible to find 3 trees but when you do it's quite nice. It's very stable with the 3 tree set up, still can feel your partner moving but nothing drastic and you can sleep through it.

There was some learning curve setting it up, it does have some streaching so to have my girlfriend and I level when we were both in I hung my side higher than hers.

- stable with 3 tree set up, span of head trees very flexible
- built like a tank
- very warm with quilts, no drafts
- flexibility of temps with top cover built in and pockets to stuff more insulation
- massive headroom
- lots of storage

- heavy
- expensive
- you need 3 trees, can't always find that
- a bit on the short side
- you have to be clever to hang the tarp

I have some pics below so you can see the set up and space