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I have a superior 30* that in my opinion needs a little more bottom insulation in any situation other than mid summer in the high cascades. So I just add my Warbonnet Wookie 20* to the bottom. I have added plastic snaps to both the Wookie and to other hammocks I use them with. That method works great. I use my wookies on several non Warbonnet hammocks without a problem. Also, plastic snaps are dead simple to add.
I'm surprised to hear that. I have not used my 30F SGIH near it's rating very much. But on the few times I have, I have been plenty warm. And it certainly looks lofty enough. The one time I went below the rating, I was actually overheating a good bit, but that is because of the forecast temps of 18-25 PLUS a lot of windchill (no tarp), I was paranoid that the insulated hammock might not get the job done by itself, so I over did it with layering, and was way too warm at about 25 + windchill. I have no way of nothing if it would have been warm enough all by itself. But, I have done just fine at least once at 32F, or maybe even 30F, without much layering- and with a 30F SG TQ. If memory serves, middle of the night I took some layer off(can't remember what, (otherwise I was just wearing jeans and long sleeved cotton shirt) due to overheating. But about 6AM, I put it back on for a couple more hours of toasty sleep. But even that may have been TQ related, I don't remember a cold back, butt or legs.