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    Fitting a Wooki to non-WB hammocks

    I know several folks have done this. My question is:

    Most other GE hammocks with CLs have the CL threaded through an end-channel in the hammock body, thereby accomplishing the gather. WB has the CL behind the gather, creating a knob that the Wooki attaches to. Would there be any benefit to re-doing the ends of a non-WB hammock to mimic this? Would this make it easier to use the Wooki?

    I understand that the length of the Wooki suspension might need to be changed...
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    As far as changing to the WB style with balled up end and the CL around it...I dunno? There's this thread:

    I have a WB Eldorado that I use my HG uqs with. I just clip onto the CL. I have to adjust the uq secondary suspension to account for the difference between WB and DW hammocks. You're further up on the head end in the WB vs. the Chameleon, so the HG uq needs to be closer to the head end suspension. On a non WB hammock, you would probably need to adjust the Wooki further from the head end.

    WB has this on their website regarding using non WB hammocks:

    It is possible to use the Wooki on similarly sized non-Warbonnet hammocks as well, the elastic portion of the Wooki suspension can be lengthened slightly with a short leash of cord to make the down underquilt fit a longer hammock or to intentionally create an inefficient fit in warmer weather, although most people will be able to use a cold weather quilt in warmer weather by simply venting your topside insulation just like you do at home in a bed. If you do modify the Wooki suspension to fit a different hammock, it should be adjusted so the band stretches 2″ (with someone laying in the hammock).
    When I was researching the Wooki before going with the Incubator, I found a bunch of threads here about getting the Wooki XL and possibly adding some cordage to the head end of the Wooki:

    The reason I went with the Incubator over the Wooki came down that I prefer a symmetrical hammock, and the Wooki is asym. IMO, I'd go with extending the Wooki suspension with cordage and a plastic S biner on the head end vs. changing the CL attachment method.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLTurtle View Post
    IMO, I'd go with extending the Wooki suspension with cordage and a plastic S biner on the head end vs. changing the CL attachment method.
    This is exactly what I do when I use my Wooki XL on my DIY 11ft hammock. My DIY hammock has the CL threaded through the end channels (vs. gathered like WB hammocks). I have a short piece of shock cord tied in a loop and an s-biner I clip on to the foot end, and an s-biner I clip on to the head end loop of the Wooki.

    EDIT: Actually my DIY hammock is 12ft, and thus needs a little extension to the stock Wooki XL suspension.
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