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    Red face Checking in from the beautiful Central Coast of CA!!

    Hello all!

    I'm brand new to hammock camping but I feel like I'm chomping at the bit here in Santa Cruz, CA, waiting for the weather to turn nice. I'm limited by my incomplete knowledge of good spots where I can beat the tourists. I'd welcome any recommendations there. I'm scoping out the East Bay regional parks and Ventana wilderness. I love Desolation Wilderness and am always open to hearing about moderate hikes through that area.

    I've been a casual backpacker ever since I've been able to buy myself gear. I still remember planning and executing my first multi-day hike. It was a perfect trip; the only thing wrong being the typical poor night's sleep i was used to by then in my tent.

    If anyone is around the Central Coast area, drop me a line and shoot me some good hammocking spots!

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    What's up local! i just went Portola State Park and Castle Rock with some friends. Both had ample hammock camping. Beating the tourists, however, was a different story. Lots of people from the valley in Castle Rock. Portola was a little bit more low-key. We stayed in Slate Creek Trail campground. There were was a trail obstruction (easily bypassed) that helped things, and there were about two other groups on a Friday night. Hope that helps!

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