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    Cool The Best / Worst Trip of 2023

    Had a really exciting adventure just recently down at the Blackwater River (FL). The forecast gods did not shine favorably upon my friend and I. Had an awesome Friday night, but the rain that was supposed to come Saturday night came ALL DAY Saturday - soaking us. We came to a complete impasse where a bunch of trees were blocking the river. Fell in the river. It was 48-55 degrees for this whole video. We had to do some on-foot hiking to go back to get some stuff we left behind. Then got a weather report that said thunderstorms were coming, starting at 7pm Sat night and going till 12pm Sun, so we decided we needed to get out of there instead of camping Saturday night. We paddled like 18 miles in a single day, in to get out. It was nuts! But we learned a lot, and while we were wet and cold, my gear held up good in that I wasn't so cold to feel in danger or anything like that. Definitely will be giving the forecast more weight the next time we do a cold yak-packing trip!

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    No gators in that water down there in FL?

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    We paddled the Blackwater River a couple of months ago, 'twas beautiful and thankful that our weather was not like yours!!! Wow what a trip you had!

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    Kudos to you for persevering and making the most of the situation. It's great to hear that your gear held up well and kept you safe despite the cold weather. Next time, checking the forecast might save you from such surprises. By the way, if you're up for another thrilling adventure, consider visiting Costa Rica. I recently stumbled upon, a website that offers amazing travel insights. It could be a great resource for your future expeditions. Happy exploring!

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