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    Because you've been using a DIY UQ, I recommend not buying a hammock with Built-In quilt (Superior Hammocks) until you've used a commercial quilt with of a specific Temperature Rating. For example, though a quilt I use is rated at 20, I start to feel chilly when it the temperature drops below 30. I'm not saying the UQ isn't up to parr spec-wise. It could be just fine at 20 for someone else. But for ME, I've found I'm more comfortable if I have about a 10 cushion between the rating and the actual temperature. I'm reminded of that every time I use a 20 and the temperatures drop to 24.

    So, you are looking for a built-in UQ at 40. Are you anticipating that you'll be comfortable at 45?

    Of course one vendor's 40 UQ won't be exactly like another's. But in general, a 40 is a 40. If you anticipate using the hammock at 50 and above, most likely it would be fine. But, again, because you've been using one you made yourself, t'were I you, I'd try to get some experience with a commercial UQ's at specific rating to make sure 40 will work for you at the temperatures you anticipate.
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    Just an FYI if you're looking for a nice hammock without the bug net Dutch has his woodland camo netless hammocks on clearance for $30 right now. I just grabbed one for a 2nd setup so I can coerce friends to come with me

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    second that thought; I just bought one. 30 bux? thankyou mr dutch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derch View Post
    That makes it way easier. At your height and weight I would get an 11' wide. That takes out the hammock gear kits or superior. Chameleon or Sparrow would be my 2 recommendations based on what you said. Hammock gear or Jacks quilts would both work in that range. Dutchware is coming out with a zip on UQ soon if you are not in a rush to get it right now.
    I agree with this. I'm 6'2 and have tried both standard and wide hammocks. The wide hammocks are better for taller people. In the standard, my feet aren't completely in the hammock and rub up against the zipper which is annoying. Not an issue in the wide. Both were chameleon's that I tested.

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