I'm doing a Border Patrol challenge which involves completing 18 trails along the RI/CT border as fast as you can. You have calendar winter to get them all done. People submit their times and get points based on how quick they did it compared to everyone else. The longest one, topping out at over 25 miles, is the lone exception. This big loop can be done at any speed - everyone receives the same amount of points.

With that in mind, I opted to try this loop as a backpacking trip. Conditions were not very wintery - over 50F on Day one with drizzly rain. Temps plummeted after sunset and dropped down to 33F. More drizzly rain for much of Day 2. It's hunting season and I forgot to wear orange so on Day 2 I fashioned an impromptu toga using my hammock. Look for my new line of toga hammocks coming in 2024.

It was good to get a clean hang in after my troubles on my last one in NH. The only issue on this trip were bugs of all things. It was so warm that all these winged insects took residence in the roof of my tarp. They would land on my phone or headlamp which was very annoying.

8 miles on Day 1 and 18 on Day 2. My legs were pretty toast by the end as I was moving at a good clip. A fun way to do this loop but I was hoping for colder more seasonable conditions. It's been a bummer of a winter here in Rhode Island thus far - let's hope for colder times ahead.