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Thread: Have you ever?

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    Like everyone else is stating, it would flatten it out to where it's worthless. I own 3 UQ's and love them all for different scenarios. Arrowhead synthetic for damp trips, HG 20 degree Phoenix for 3 season and just picked up a Loco Libre Ridge Reaper zero with overstuff for winter. They go on so easy with very little fiddle factor.
    I tried using the foam pad from Gosseamer Gear in between my RR but it was more of a pain than anything. You feel every crease and wrinkle.
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    I think there is some misunderstanding about this "differential cut" - there is no compression at all when hung snug under the hammock.

    ~channeling Ray Bradbury~ Imagine if you will ... two 2 x 4's about a foot long - so you can hold them. One 2 x 4 represents your hammock; either bridge or gathered end. now press the second 2 x 4 against the bottom edge of the first (4 inch side against 4 inch side). The second 2 x 4 is your differential cut quilt. Note that no matter how hard you push the two 2 x 4's together, the bottom of the lower 2 x 4 (the "quilt") still hangs below.

    In other words, the top of the differential cut quilt can press has hard as it wants against the bottom of the hammock because the down/loft hangs below that top side of the quilt.
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