Thanks for all the responses!!!
I've had two nights on the balcony now, but the weather is threatening to turn snowy, and I haven't tried out my big blue truckers tarp yet. I'm also a bit nervous of sleeping in the forest by myself as there have been nearby sightings of leopards and bears. I also dread the thought of a monkey jumping onto the hammock and ripping it into shreds. Now I need to keep the yeti in mind too!!!!

Papa Smurf, thanks for the ridgeline organizer info. It will be added to my wish list for the next time someone comes to visit from the States.

OlTrailDog, thanks for enlightening me regarding the deodars. I think we live in an area where they grow naturally. It is a very narrow belt, and basically we live in a forest preserve. Unfortunately people do not take the ban against cutting down trees very seriously, and tourism is expanding viciously. Regarding the "home of the gods", we have come to appreciate that the Buddhists consider every hill, pool, peak and grove to be the home of some "spiritual beings" that need to be appeased. The Dalai Lama's house is certainly surrounded by deodars.

Once I figure out how to insert images, I will post some.