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    Warbonnet Spindrift sock question

    I recently purchased the excellent Ridge Runner bridge hammock. I got the newer version and went with the continuous loops without any suspension, buckles etc. The continuous loops are essentially a single piece of dyneema, woven together in such a way that appears, it can't be unwoven or taken apart.

    In looking at the Spindrift sock, it seems that in order to use the ridge runner with it, I would have to somehow do just that, in order to get the dyneema through the holes of the sock, whether it be the new or the older version.

    I watched the video they have about setting it up, but my suspension works differently. Am I missing something or will the sock just not work with the continuous loop version of the hammock?

    I did send an email to Warbonnet, but have not yet heard back.
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