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    If you hang two hammocks off one Tensa Solo pole, you may want to bring along some quick-setting cement to secure your anchors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cougarmeat View Post
    If you hang two hammocks off one Tensa Solo pole, you may want to bring along some quick-setting cement to secure your anchors.
    Not two hammocks on a solo pole. One hammock on two trees and the kid hammock on the same foot tree and the head end on a solo pole with a specific distance, from the tree that dad is hanging on, that will work for bridge hammocks. I guess I wasn’t clear enough.
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    I have done summer camping by using those eno hammock bars that separate the two hammocks. Unfortunately in this case, it won’t be good for your use case since the spreader bars are kinda short. You need something like that YouTube video that provides a much bigger separation distance.

    Once that is fixed, having two people under a single tarp is pretty straightforward. Most tarps are pretty side and should fit. With ridgerunners, I assume those have a wider footprint in general and require you to bring tarps that are generally wider. For reference, I used a warbonnet superfly without issue.

    Fly, with the spreader bars, what one person does, the other will feel. So if you have a person that tosses and turns all night, the other will feel the sway all night. Shouldn’t be an issue as long as you aren’t a super light sleeper.

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    When my son was small, 2 hammocks on 3 trees with our heads close together was the solution. A big ol blue tarp to cover everything makes sense because the hiking distances are short and the boy can still move around a bit without getting muddy.
    For our first trip, I also tied a rope from my hammock to his Ridgeline so he could tug it if needed anything.

    Blue tarps get a bad rap on this site, but carrying it for shorter kid hikes is manageable.

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