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    Anyone from Russia?

    Hi Hammock forums, to those I know and those I don't!

    I have been rather low-key lately, attracted by different fields - canoeing, sailing, paleonthology, and... learning Russian (my nickname on the HF must have been a premonition!).
    I am still peeping in from time to time, just to make sure you are still talking about whoopie slings, ucr-s, spe-s and pole mods (all of which I don't use) and to assess how antiquarian my hammocking style has become.

    Now to the new and the old, I'll tell you what the whole thing is about : a hammock is something you hang in between two trees, and you need and underquilt and a tarp. Just stick to this and you will be happy!

    OK : now to our subject matter. You might think it is untimely, but I am going to Moscow for a couple weeks or months or years and since discussing with the locals about going to the woods returned the following answer in Google translation :

    It is dangerous for us, since bears and wolves began to go out to people, they have nothing to eat in the forest, they cut down a lot of forest

    , I'd be interested in meeting a fellow hammocker, just to make sure we offer a more copious meal to the bear, worth the disturbance!

    Or maybe some of you are not Russian but have some experience with Russia?

    Note : I have been scouting the forum already for previous posts linked to Russia and tried to contact the authors without success.
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