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    😀 12' Hammock (ideally in 1.2 MTN XL, but open to other materials, net or not)

    Hi there:

    Was completing 60 miles of the Wonderland Trail @ Mt. Rainier so couldn't keep these posts bumped as needed. Back in the land of the Internet now so I can more easily respond.

    Looking to purchase used to save some money compared to buying new, and also because I'm not in a rush to acquire the hammocks. Already have a wonderful Hennessy Deep Jungle XL that I love, just trying to get a couple UL hammocks setups for future trips.

    I'm 6'6" and 205#, so I'm also trying to get the feel of whether a 12' hammock is actually a game changer in comfort vs my 11' Deep Jungle XL, without investing hundreds and hundreds of dollars on something that is completely un-returnable. I'm firm on the 12', as I already have a 11' hammock. I want to see what the fuss is about :P.

    I would prefer 1.2 MTN XL but am open to other designs. Netless or not. I prefer dream hammock or simply light designs but am open to what you may have. If netless, and you have a net that would work with it, even better.

    Please do let me know what you have, I have flawless feedback on eBay (pocketpcheaven) and would love to make a deal.

    Dear MODS:
    I have a recurring task to bump this, I was late by a couple weeks on last bump. I'm serious about buying and will be bumping weekly. Thank you.

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    PM Sent I have a 12 SLD we can talk about.

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    Chatting with Mortie via PM, thank you.

    Still looking however, I'll take this post down when I've made my purchase. Thanks!

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    Bumping. Mortie's hammock looks nice, but needs an installed ridgeline. Is this something I could do myself I wonder?

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    i think you could. Dutch sells one for 12’ hammocks. Others do as well, but i’ve only bought one from him. should be fairly cheap.

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    Takes 3 minutes to install. You can make one with knots in 5 minutes or longer if you splice

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    Ah OK didn't know about the difficulty in setting it up. Still looking for the mythical 12' in 1.2MTN XL ideally.

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    Still looking

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    bumpies! convinced my hammock is out there.

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    Still looking? If so you may want to bump it at least once every week. Items that are inactive are subject to being removed from the Market Place area, it allows members to know you are still interested and it will keep the moderators from "pinging" you! (Bumps mean to respond in the post)

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    If you are going out of town or have limited/no forum access, please close your thread before you leave. It saves frustrations when members post questions but do not get responses.

    Thanks for your help
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