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    Dutch Facon Tarp

    Has anyone purchased a Dutch Falcon Tarp? and if so what are your thoughts....

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    I am also interested in a Falcon. I sent them an email via their website asking what are on the tie-out points/ridgeline (D-rings or line locs) and whether it was symmetrical or if it has a directional set-up depending on head being left or right lay. I have not yet gotten a reply. But I am sure they are busy around the holidays.

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    I could see this replacing the little asym since it is simply the asym with an extra panel to add a bit of protection to the 'off' sides.

    However it is still a very minimalist tarp and won't suffice for any remotely nasty weather. Its weight is listed as 134g, and for 193g you can have the full hex, which in my experience is adequate for some rough weather... but just adequate, admittedly not as good as some of the 'quonset hut' type tarps. Depends on your tolerance for gear getting a bit damp at times.

    But it's nice to have a tiny asym in the quiver for short trips where it provides some insurance against a possible passing shower in the night.
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