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    A Forgotten Lake - Paddling in Michigans Upper Peninsula

    Paddling is my favorite way to explore new places. Whether its seeing whats around the next twist and turn of a river, or discovering a forgotten lake deep in the backcountry, the experience of exploring from a canoe is unparalleled.

    Recently I had an opportunity to spend a weekend paddling and exploring a back corner of Michigans Upper Peninsula with my brother. We each soloed our own canoes and quietly cut our way along the rocky shores, back bays, and creek inlets of a couple forgotten lakes.

    We managed to luck into a pleasant patch of late October weather with temps in the mid 50s during the day and 30s at night. Apart from the off and on sprinkles when we arrived, we were blessed with clear skies. Picturesque fall camping weather.

    Most of the trees had already abandoned their leaves, the tamaracks had turned a golden yellow and the lake water was cold and dark. With no real agenda and nowhere to be, our pace was slow and methodical, drinking in the beauty of our surrounds and enjoying each others company.

    Its always surprising to me how much time we can allow to pass without intentionally connecting with those who matter most to us. Friends, family, children, spouses, they all fall victim to the hustle and bustle of our daily routines. Im ashamed to say that recently Ive lost sight of pursuing some of these relationships with the intentionality they deserve, and this last adventure has caused me to realize how much Ive truly missed my brother. My confidante. My adventure partner. My wingman. My best friend.

    Im looking forward to next our next adventure.

    Hope you enjoy the images.

    Taking it all in
    Moon greeting us as we paddled across our destination lake
    Paddling in the waning light
    Warbonnet Blackbird XLC with tarp in half pitch mode to take in the night sky
    Rolled into camp late on night one, so we huddled around the Firebox before turning in
    Oats for breakfast
    Pine and rock lined shores
    Taking a break to wet a line
    Where will it lead?
    Dinner: Venison Steak, sautéed mushrooms & onions, mashed potatoes, and Hawaiian rolls
    Tandem paddle
    Sun-soaked shoreline
    Found a few fish
    Morning fire
    Stroop and coffee
    Morning fire #2
    Maple White patiently waiting
    The long carry out
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