I have tried several times to use a hammock for camping, but always had the same problems. So I continued to use my faithfull tent and my uncomfortable mattress.

My vacations are often road trips. By motorbike or by car. A small mobility problem makes me unable to hike.
So I pitch every night and pack every morning. Mainly in commercial campsites (easy to find, all conveniences, generally inexpensive and, first reason: wild camping is prohibited in France if you are not an hour's walk from the nearest road).

The tent gives me enough privacy to change clothes for night (and days: my roadtrips can last a few weeks), enough dry space to store my things (helmet and motorcycle suit, backpack... .).
Insulating foam mattresses are reliable (inflatables always end up leaking, usually at the worst moment), quite light and compact... but not comfortable!
My hammock and tarp installation tests have shown me: it's comfortable, but in commercial campsites, trees are mainly used to delimit spaces. It is therefore forbidden to use them to hang anything, and they are not suitable for this. A tensa stand may do the job to hang, but not for privacy and storage.
So, I'm still searching a way to put a hammock in a tent. A setup compact and light enough to be loaded on a motorcycle.