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    Quote Originally Posted by P-Dub View Post
    I was just thinking -- I wonder if you have an asymmetric bug net and are sleeping the opposite of how it's attached (it's reversible). The first time I used my Chameleon, I misunderstood how to set it up for my preferred lay (head right, feet left) and though it was not uncomfortable, it was vaguely "not right." Then I figured it out and flipped it.

    I believe that Dutchware sells an adjustable ridge line, and you could consult with them about the length limitations for changing it and still being able to use the bug net.
    I have a symmetric bugnet, so either way feels about the same to me. I’m pretty heavily biased sleeping head left though, so will likely try an asym bugnet on my next hammock.

    Good point - I’ll send them an email before my next order of assorted stuff from them. Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by msk707 View Post
    Currently Iím using Dutchware straps and beetle buckles. Iíve been curious about trying some Whoopie slings, but the beetle buckles are so convenient that it hasnít been something Iíve prioritized. Also would be a bit concerned about damaging trees with whoopie slings?
    You still have straps that go around the tree, usually with loops on either end...straps with hardware usually have just the one loop.

    You could use shorter length straps since the whoopies add at least a foot or more. Basically they would be like longer continuous loops, then either connected to the straps via hardware or larks headed to the closed loop of the strap.

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    This might seem like an odd question, but how comfortable is your insulation? I found that if I was either too cold or too hot in my hammock, everything else felt a lot worse. I had trouble getting warm with a partial-length UQ (even with using foam pads and my puffy coat wrapped around my feet), which meant I ended up finding the warmest possible position - one that was not entirely comfortable otherwise. It looks like you're using a good UQ. Are you in a sleeping bag or a top quilt? The TQ does give you more freedom to shift around and get into a comfortable position. I've been quite happy with mine (homemade TQ for summer, and HG Burrow for the winter), and I think it's helped me more easily find the sweet spot for my hammock.

    The insulation, combined with gradually tweaking the elevation of the foot end compared to head end, I think, were the two biggest things I've played with.

    I have a Chameleon with Beetle Buckles as well. I'm a bit taller and heavier, but probably relatively similar body proportions

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