Warbonnet as well.

having the hammock and quilt have compatible ‘fasten points’ is probably more important.

I had (have) a Hennessey and the UQ it a bit of a pita. I still own this but never use it. It is sort of a ‘loaner’ hammock.

I have a XLC with a Wooki and that works great except for the should tuck. Though zippers on both sides so I could adjust the other side if I needed to. Though that has never happened. So far.

Ridgerunner has been a bit of a pain. Too narrow for the UQ had hoped to use with it and a pad will not stay centered (even in a bridge). Fortunately my partner uses a Big Agnes bag and it hold a pad in place independently. But the RR by itself will not make one happy in this regard. A lynx is in my future.

DW Chameleon. Great fasten points for an UQon all sides. I love my XLC but the Chameleon has a lot of nice features and a better view. The UQ ‘clips’ being one of those nice polish features more hammocks could use.

everyhting except the Hennessey will fully unzip.