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    Jul 2021
    Oregon, USA
    WBBB XLC UL double layer
    WB Thunderfly
    Wooki, UGQ
    Becket straps
    Warbonnet as well.

    having the hammock and quilt have compatible ‘fasten points’ is probably more important.

    I had (have) a Hennessey and the UQ it a bit of a pita. I still own this but never use it. It is sort of a ‘loaner’ hammock.

    I have a XLC with a Wooki and that works great except for the should tuck. Though zippers on both sides so I could adjust the other side if I needed to. Though that has never happened. So far.

    Ridgerunner has been a bit of a pain. Too narrow for the UQ had hoped to use with it and a pad will not stay centered (even in a bridge). Fortunately my partner uses a Big Agnes bag and it hold a pad in place independently. But the RR by itself will not make one happy in this regard. A lynx is in my future.

    DW Chameleon. Great fasten points for an UQon all sides. I love my XLC but the Chameleon has a lot of nice features and a better view. The UQ ‘clips’ being one of those nice polish features more hammocks could use.

    everyhting except the Hennessey will fully unzip.

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    I love em for the bug shields but not my style for the hammock. I have seen those redtails in person. If a bear comes by I prefer to be a taco rather than a burrito.

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    Warbonnet XLC
    HG DCF with doors
    EE Quilts
    Straps and Beckett
    My Trailheadz Banshee UL only has a 3/4 length zip on one side.
    Do or do not, there is no try - Yoda.

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