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Love your flame, Bunsen
Mac trapped on the back Burner
Post cool poem, Benson

(apologies to accomplished haiku artists and OP)
Thanks thatís cool. Check out my poem:

Indian heaven 10-6-22 Thru 10-9-22
A poem
With an hour notice he starts to ponder than rally, then expect. He says yes to adventure. They plan and visit the store and so much more is in store. A bag of treats and a blessing goodbye. Goodbye to worries after the grip is released. A stop at the stilts. A glance up river, a reflection and darkness, a warning to lovers beneath the echo under the stilts. A rock, a beacon, Biddle Saves. An Indian legend, a core of a mountain. The gorge is a resting place for history and action and leaders. Heading up and up through windy road, a passage. One minute late to food,food, Annie's food: a stash of admin paper, an elk bugle, a gun shot, a whistle.
Waiting for a friend to begin a journey, uncharted ways. An inventory and a good nights sleep. A dream about work. A reading of Paul's letter to the church of Galatia. And nod of approval. Listening ears. A positive attitude. An upward struggle a shirtless first a comfortable feeling. Dry lily pads a plug pulled old memories.
A decision, a conclusion up upon Berry Mountain promises. Sector 2016 meeting 2022. Fire lay no room we made a new Washington, a tribe. We break to make a place, we talk tuff and nestle close. A foot print smaller but just as intense, maybe more.

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