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    Quote Originally Posted by cougarmeat View Post
    One UL mantra is, "You pack your fears." For me, it's more, "You pack your experience." Even thru-hikers usually have a Hike Out option and many people on the same trail. When you are kayaking outside of cell phone range, there might be no, nearby store, nearby kayakers, or nearby exit points. The gear has to be robust and having a backup for something critical (i.e. two BIC lighters - and a sparker) is not unreasonable. I count the number of stakes I'll need, if everything were staked out, then add a couple more in case one is forgotten or damaged beyond use. Of course, rocks and cut stakes would work. But I try not to assume "nature" will provide what I need. I'm not an LNT purest, but I try for minimal disturbance.
    Having been on a few canoe trips to Algonquin and some other Crown Land waterways in Ontario, there were a few times when I wish I had been a little more UL, all of them relating to some really nasty portages. Longest I've ever done and I know it's far from the longest... the EGL folks have done far longer was something like 1.8km (x4!) with a few muddy hills and steep, rocky/rooty banks thrown in for good measure. And do not be fooled, those kevlar Scott rental canoes are no lighter than the plastic ones, or at least not by much. I was lusting after my friends' 42lb Wenonah every minute, and since that time have wondered how cool it would be to carry much lighter kit and paddle in something like a solo Voyager... ahh.
    Five Basic Principles of Going Lighter (not me... the great Cam Honan of OZ)
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    One of my packing goals - something to work towards - is to limit my dry bags to 3 or 4. One each for clothes, food, shelter/camp gear, and cooking supplies (stove, fuel, bowls, etc.) - which could be part of "camp gear". As I get closer to achieving that compartmentalization, I end up with one heavy "Camp Gear" dry bag (duffle style). It was so clear, every time I loaded it into the kayak or carried it to the camping site, that it would be my next focus in gear/weight reduction. For example, I don't need two tarps. But is nice to be able to put a tarp over a picnic table or general eating/gathering area.

    So even though travel in the kayak doesn't require much UL discipline, carrying the gear from the boat to the campsite and back, can make one painfully aware of their "sins".
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    My extras are 1 extra stake, 6' amsteel dogbone, 12' of zing it, and 2 binder clips for hanging stuff on my ridgeline

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    I carry what came with the tarp stake wise and a bunch of extra cord. The 1/4 dome comes with eight stakes and I have used probably six of them once. The wiseowl hex came with four. I also use them for the marlinspike on the woopie sling. I can generally find vegetation to tie to for about half the tie offs unless I am getting complicated.

    I also carry a lot of extra cordage.

    • Two ~6 lengths of paracord. I use this for extra length for the tarp if needed or to tie back branches. Mostly the latter.
    • 25 ridge line for the tarp. This is really optional imo but I am currently using it. I am playing with square tarp origami and it makes some options more stable.
    • 25 of accessory cord. I have only used this once for a really long ridge line but it weighs less than an ounce and is nice to have.
    • Bear bag line. Probably another 25. I have a dedicated line with carabiner and throw bag. I saw a bear bag set for sale once and thought it was a good idea but I already had all the bits in my gear closet. I have stuff sack issues. I even have one which is just named my little st bag.

    I have also used the shorter length cords to tie around a tree to give me something to clip a carabiner to to hangs my pack and other gear. I also carry two extra carabiners. I sometimes use them for the suspension if branches are dense. And they just come in handy.
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