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    Using Tensa 4 Indoors - Looking for Anchor ideas

    I purchased a tensa 4 stand earlier this year to make sure selection at state parks a non-issue as well as give me the ability to hang inside my rented home. I'm a bit stumped on what to use as an anchor inside that will result in safe usage of the stand and also be acceptable to my wife.

    I'm a big guy (6'5, ~330lbs) and, given that I rent, am a bit worried about the potential for some of the suggestions (shoe on the other side of a door, object othe other side of a window, etc.)I've seen in the past to cause damage to the home. In the area where the stand will fit, I don't have a great interior door option, but do have a sliding glass door. Am I overestimating the force that would be put on the anchor when I sit in the hammock?

    Anyone have any ideas for something heavy I could use as an anchor that's easily stored when not in use (I considered a 5 gallon bucket of concrete but that was vetoed by the wife before I could explore whether that would be sufficient anchor strength)?

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    I have hung for almost 2 weeks by pinching the anchor line near the latch of a sliding glass door. I had the stand close, so the pull was strongly upward instead of out. I was never concerned.

    People ask how much force is on the lines. It's highly variable, but in general the less tilt in the stand, the less force on the foot anchor line. We recommend 1/3 your body weight as a comfortable minimum, though 1/4 can work if you're careful. Of course, at a certain very shallow or negative tilt, the line tension becomes zero and the stand collapses. If you can't rig a single very secure anchor, you can set up the stand near level with a fairly modest anchor on both ends. And be careful to keep center of gravity near the middle. Relaxa in you Tensa while hoping neither anchor gets flung LOL.

    In a carpeted room once, with wood sub-floor, I once sunk a light duty screw hook into the floorboard through the carpet as anchor. Then unscrewed the hook when done. No visible sign.

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    I set up by passing the anchor strap under a door and larks heading a sneaker to the end. You might want to lock the door if it is inward opening.

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    Doors are good anchors. You can anchor under the door with something on the other side, close the door on the anchor, attach to the door hinge, etc. Other things that are attached to the structure in one way or another. Furniture can be a little iffy unless is something pretty heavy; doesn't hurt to try it though. Stair railings or balusters if you have multiple levels.

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