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    how much would this weigh? 12' netless, single ridgeline, etc

    Color/Fabric: MTN 1.2 XL (U-Pick Color, + 1 week to ship)

    Length: 12'

    Layers:: Single

    Ridgeline: Yes, Fixed

    Suspension Type:: None (I will use my own)

    Add On Tie Outs:: No

    Continuous Loops:: Permanent (crafted through channels)

    Knotty Mod Locations:: No

    Peak Shelf:: No

    Ridgeline Gear Pouch: Yes

    Stuff Sack Options: Standard Stuff Sack

    Under Quilt Hooks:: Yes, UQ Hooks only

    Zippered Storage Pouch:: No

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    Without actually weighing what you describe there's no way to know for certain, but what I can do is describe my hammock and tell you what it weighs and let you extrapolate from that. My DIY hammock is MTN 1.2 XL 10 feet 10 inches long, single layer, fixed ridgeline made of Zingit, two 8-inch Amsteel continuous loops on the ends and no extra hardware like underquilt hooks. I have a gear sling attached to the ridgeline. That gear sling is 1.0 ripstop about 38 inches long. Total weight in the stuff sack for this hammock as described is 14 ounces.

    The gear sling and stuff sack together probably add at least two ounces, so the bare hammock is around 11 or 12. Yours would probably be a tad more than that with the longer length, but still under 14 ounces at a guess.

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    according to dream hammock's calculator is would weigh roughly around 10.81oz at 65in wide since you didn't say how wide. now this is just an estimate and is based on their freebird hammock.

    you can go here to play around with the calculator:
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