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    Quote Originally Posted by cmoulder View Post
    PopcornFool, good recap of my views on this as well. Although when we're talking about our beloved () teensy UL packs the difference between 10D and 20D, as you note, becomes significant. With a 65 liter pack it doesn't matter; 35 liter is a different story.

    There is also such a thing as Argon 49 (7D) but I've not seen or read about it in actual use yet, although I haven't searched exhaustively for it.

    But to me Argon is the perfect material for UQs, being quite splash and wind resistant.
    Argon 49 is amazingly silky, impressively breathable, but still able to hold in down as it is calendared. Sacrifices some wind and water resistance, but it is so comfortable that itís worth it to me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brohawk View Post
    Wow!!! Thank you for the comparison. This is just the info I was looking for. I am not a gram weenie but with my winter pack I would like to keep my weight as low as possible because of the larger quilts and more warmer clothing I pack.
    After reading this I think your right and will definitely go with a 10d or Argon 67. I was concerned about the durability of the outer shell but I am pretty careful with my gear and I use an UQ protector in the winter anyway.
    Now that the fabrics are out of the way the biggest decision that I have been struggling with is vendor. LL has given me some great info and they have a great design with tons of followers. They run a 900 down fill. Warbonnet has a 950 fill option and they are having a Memorial Day sale coming up. Then right here in my backyard I have JRB which I have never owned but they have the Mt. Washington 4 with baffles running side to side with a 25% overstuff for less than the others but their total weights are just a tad more. Decisions, decisions....
    WB, LL, and JRB are all great vendors. Can't really go wrong with any of them.

    Not to make your choice harder, but if you haven't already, you might also want to take a look at the Hammock Gear Incubator (I have 10D/950 fill HG Incubators in my collection and love them), the UGQ Zeppelin (maybe the most options for tailoring of any vendor), the TrailHeadz Ethereal (saw their stuff at MAHHA this year and was impressed), the Cedar Ridge Convector, and the Enlightened Equipment Revolt, just for comparison to those you've been looking at. Unless I'm mistaken, I believe all of them offer 10D fabric options and 900 or 950 fill options.
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    FYI, I donít believe JRBís stated 25% overstuff is significantly more than what most others are doing normally.

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    [QUOTE=dakotaross;2075862]FYI, I don’t believe JRB’s stated 25% overstuff is significantly more than what most others are doing normally.

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    Huh...interesting. I was not aware of that. Their down oz weight was more in theirs than the other two vendors for the same temp rating. Since they are so close to me I was thinking of heading down to their shop to check it out and ask questions. Thanks for the info.
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