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    Quote Originally Posted by Adroa View Post
    If you have the older version RR and don't want to convert for the buttons I use the arrowhead covers.
    And if you DO want to convert the metal hardware so that you can use the bridge buttons, there is a video from the button vendor on how to do that:

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    I’ve used both the buttons and the Arrow Head rubber sheaths; both work - the poles are inside the older SpinDrift sock. I’ve never had to pitch a tarp tight enough for that contact to be an issue, and I use external pole mods to keep the sides out.

    A recommended distance between the apex point of the dogbone suspension lines is 13 ft. Some people prefer 12 ft. At 13 ft, about six inches of the dog bones might be peeking out the ends of your 12ft tarp. A simple water break on each line would handle any “run down the line” issues. Even if the hardware at the spreader bars would stop any water progress, I wouldn’t want a puddle to form that close to “home”.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rollinlikemarcbolan View Post
    Hey all - I went on a camping trip and missed all the additional replies! Thanks very much for the extra information. I think i'm going to go for it on the 12' HG palace. I'll order the buttons too. What a great gang. Thanks folks!
    Nobody mentioned it yet, but make sure you get the side panel pullouts spaced for a bridge hammock. This will help with the spreader bar tip issue.
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